New YouTube channel will focus on sexuality healing

Following the advice of my divine guides is that I have decided to focus the teachings given on my YouTube channel on sexuality healing. For a long time I have known this is urgent and crucial in changing the energy we live with on this world, a main ingredient of everything else on this cosmos, a vital source that must exist and must be healed in order for life to thrive.

The channel is a good beginners guide for subscribers and for myself to begin exploring the subject. Much more in-depth information shall be given through books and private consultations. Nonetheless I bet you will find the videos shocking at times for the revelations they contain. So controversial and so taboo, it’s not easy to find the strength to embark in such a feat. I find it fascinating that few or none are brave enough to speak about sexuality thoroughly from the native ancestral spiritual and philosophical point of view. And this is because few have permission, or work with the feminine and masculine deities of sexuality, as I do. My life path is now forces me to do so, and I have now gathered the bravery to begin speaking.

There is no other way to go. We have to get to the root, we have to weed out what is killing us, what is making us suffer, and part of that, is sexual colonisation, how we’ve been enslaved sexually. Inseparable I find it from other forms of colonisation and slavery, it’s all part of the big consumerism machine, that eats life away.

Healing all other aspects of our lives and social organisation will not happen or not be sufficient if we don’t heal sexuality. Once we do, we will have better tools to transcend the machine state, which enslaves us in ever possible and imaginable way. Becoming free sexually, will allow us to discover true happiness and well-being. It will force us to change everything else in our lives, moving away from a machine life to a life in nature. It’s time to go back to the real pleasures in life, healthy eating, dance, music, art and maybe our most treasured treat, real love-filled, sacred sex. It’s time to become in touch again with nature, with what is natural, and find pleasure in the sublime, as sex can be.



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