The Authentic Mayan Calendar Webinar

Question: is there a fake Mayan Calendar?

Answer: Yes!

Sign-up to this free, live webinar where I will be introducing you the tools to discover the real cycles of time, the authentic Mayan calendar, a powerful tool that can help you grow spiritually and emotionally.

These hidden cycles of time hold the secrets to our deep spiritual psychology. Learning your birth day can help you understand your place in this life, your purpose, your traits and your most difficult challenges.

This is not stylised new age spirituality, this is authentic Maya indigenous wisdom. For so long it has been hidden, for so long we natives and our wisdom have been discriminated, forgotten, supplanted by fake native spirituality preachers.

The Mayas are very well alive, thousands of communities use this calendar today in Guatemala, and it has been contrinually used for more than 5000 years; being one of the oldest count in humanity! I want to teach you about it, with a very formal, academic, detailed and comprehensive astronomical and historical context.


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