Finding love and healing relationships will save the world

Save the world, yeah, it’s not an exaggeration. To save our world from extreme change, from climate catastrophe, from more conspiracies, from war, hatred, destruction and from the huge darkness that engulfs all of us, can be accomplished.

Pachakutec is the Andean force, or god, of creation and destruction. There is a balance and though suffering in this world seems like it’s too much and I constantly pray for it to stop, I don’t want to be critical of him. I have observed these last days how seemingly negative situations turn out to be, at the end, a balancing act. Afraid of a little shadow, we must not be.

Then there is Munay, the great force of love, the energy that binds everything together and the reason we are all still here, and happy, regardless of all the suffering. This energy is what I’m trying to cultivate here to make this force even stronger, and to break the little shadows and barriers that have been woven in our minds.

Geniuses are believed to be so because they make connections between concepts that don’t seem to have anything in common. But this trait is not just of logic intelligence geniuses, it’s also the trait of shamans, seers, visionaries and healers. You see, we have to wake up to the fact that memory and information can be stored not only in our brains, but is the most essential element from which all of matter is made of. Once we realise this, we won’t have ideas, but we will channel, and we wont imagine, we will see.

I want you to see your heart and yourself. I will focus now on those that have not yet found their loved one in this lifetime, their life companion; be it that they’re single, with kids, alone, unhappy in a relationship, divorced or whatever. Are you one of these people? If so, then I will give you a big clue: focus on this, and believe in love. Learn about love, heal your heart, make it strong and be ready to love. This is what will make everything else change.

Love and sexuality are the most powerful forces in the universe. When distressed, these energies cause our whole world to work improperly. Much of what is taught in spirituality and self development focuses on the self, on making people self reliant, making people love themselves and having people retain and gather their sexual energy for spiritual journeys. This is all so necessary, but if you have walked this path already, the best is still to come.

We have been constructing on the self for all of this lifetime, and for thousands of years. One Andean investigator tells us we are entering a new 4,000 year-old era, just finishing the individualistic one and beginning a communitarian one. This means, we are all about to come together and love!

And spirituality, spiritual guides, are quite shy about this. They themselves are in a process of healing and of finding love. They themselves are in a process of comprehending their sexuality and how to make the best use of it. We see today churches being built and destroyed because of priests devoting to sexual practices like pedophilic rape. We see an overwhelming increase in feminicide because so many men can’t cope with the immense pain caused by their relationships that they turn to insane violence. We see less and less successful relationships, and more and more people alone.

All of this is happening because that is the main way that the dark entities have found to control us and steal the greatest power we can have: love, mutual love, love in a relationship, being in love! It’s a purposely seeded conflict of the genders. The separation of the masculine and the feminine by means of mass confusion, and mass lack-of-communication.

We have lost our bearings on how to communicate amongst each other and specially in our relationships. We have a hard time simply letting the other know exactly what we feel and what we mean with what we say and do. And we don’t see the connection between this and the rest of the world’s problems like war and corruption, yet they are intimately tied together. We steal and gulp on power, drugs and any addictive distraction because inside we are so unhappy, so unsatisfied.

We are told it is our minds that must settle, that must be quieted down to relieve suffering and get away from negative habits, and it’s true, our minds are quite noisy. But they are responding to our hearts, which are still looking for that only feeling that makes us complete: being in love.

Finding it won’t be easy. First our heart must be ready and our minds must also learn to properly think and communicate. I want to work on this with you and I can’t do it alone. Will you join me?

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