Native Journey Magazine will launch in March

We are proud to announce that on March 15, 2020 we will be launching the brand new Native Journey Magazine, on its first issue.

Native Journey was born from eco-ethno-tourism in Bolivia, in the quest to promote undiscovered places and cultures in the remote Andes and Amazon of this uncharted country. We have been working for about 5 years now building different journeys and services to help travellers around the world come together with these beautiful places and people.

Bolivia has been on the map of travellers only as an addition to their South America trip. Unlike Peru, a country that invested hundreds of millions of dollars inits tourism promotion, it is not a country to which people from around the world plan a whole vacation to. Additionally, many people travel to get to know as many places as possible and as many countries as possible without really deepening into the places they visit and experiencing profound life-changing experiences. This needs to change, and doing so is our purpose.

To reach out to the world and find potential travellers in their countries of origin is that we have created Native Journey Magazine, whose purpose is to be sent to travel agencies in English speaking countries so that people there may get inspired on the places portrayed with the photos and the culture transmitted through its articles.

Native Journey Magazine though is not a travel brochure, its focus is to provide deep insight on native cultures with unique articles and for investigations and reports related to the defence of the environment, something we like to have a space for always.

If you would like to be a pre-subscriber and receive the Magazine in your mailbox on the launch date, please fill out The form below. You can also become a patron of the magazine and of Native Journey by visiting our patreon profile.



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