How to escape the matrix

First of all

What is the matrix?

I really like using that name, and making reference to the movie. We live in a reality today that in fact beats the famous 1999 film. The machines dominate us, we are on the terminator-like fringe of the dawn of artificial intelligence, and most of humanity is enslaved by those machines. We don’t need to be physically connected to them to be sucked away our energy, our happiness, our love. And far worse than our own personal suffering, is the fact that we are causing suffering to the whole earth, to the animals, to those that are not in the matrix. We can call the matrix capitalism, the idea of transforming everything that is alive and loving into money, which then is used to consume emptiness and produce waste.

The big brothers

The native men from the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, the wise Mamo elders, call the white men the “little brothers”. They see white, modern civilisation as childish and immature, like a little unguided kid that only seeks self interest and through deceit achieves power and material wealth and knows nothing about what the elders call the “laws of origin”.

It’s pretty amazing, how naturalised the little brother civilisation is around the world, and how foreign the natural order appears to be to them. To white man, what seems childish is the idea of mankind living in harmony with nature, without the need of so many machines, of so much technology, of so much comfort, energy and consumption. It has been naturalised by the academy and by science, that this is a one way ride into the future, that it’s simply evolution; but this future of the little brother is not a future, it’s the no-future, it’s the end. We live in a living planet, and there are ways to live in it. There is a much more spiritually mature way to be and it requires living simply, living small, in nature, without the machine, without money, without capitalism.

So how do we get there?

While many seek for systemic ways to solve the world’s problems, which implies thinking of the whole -and that is a good thing- we also need to touch ground personally and meditate over our own personal reality and what is the next step in our own spiritual development.

Shamanic practitioners will remind us that what we perceive as an objective, external reality is but the reflection of our own inside. As strange as it may seem, there is no fixed, objective, material world out there, it’s all just an hallucination.  So to change the world we must change ourselves, and we must understand what is the next step in spiritual evolution.

Here is where the message from the native wise men comes in crucial. They are the only ones that will tell us that spirituality lies in nature, and that returning to nature is the way to advance spiritually. Our limited minds will try and convince us that learning spiritual teachings from oriental culture gurus will suffice, and that there is really not much we can do in changing the way we live. Well this is wrong. It’s perfectly possible for you to prepare your life to make the spiritual leap into a life in nature, and that’s what it’s all about.

Internal spiritual change must be accompanied by the most divine thing that exists: mother earth, life. There is an extensive and profound spiritual and mystical teaching that appears only when you begin living from the land. This is the teaching we are all needing to receive. It is not enough to go out into nature and return home where you depend on money to eat, and where you depend on the resources provided by the depredation of the earth. This is what needs to be fixed. In this sense, the next spiritual healing is that of our material existence.

The Muxuq Nina Community

If you’re looking to make the leap into a life in nature, we have an option for you. We are in the process of creating the community of Muxuq Nina, which will have its settlement in the Alto Madidi, the heart of the Amazon, in Bolivia. We are looking for the founding fathers, those who are willing to become the inner circle of the Muxuq Nina, which is then the spiritual and cultural core and concept of what the community will be. Then there is the outer circle, those who can belong to the community, visit, live there, support it and be enriched by it and by the spiritual and intellectual produce that will there be harvested. If you’re interested you may contact us and you may also support Native Journey, which seeks to become the English language channel of this great endeavour.

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