Four Jaguar – Kan’ib I’x

Today’s Daily Active Meditation

Today’s four Jaguar day is perfect to introduce active meditations. When we think about meditation, we tend to think about meditating in stillness, sitting down, without physical movement. This is convenient when we want to wonder off with our spirit from our bodies. Maya ancestors remind us that many if not most meditations were “meditations in movement” this is, meditations that were done while we carried out different types of movements. Yoga and Qi-gong are oriental examples of these types of meditation. While focus is given to the physical benefits, little attention is given to the practice of mind training while carrying out these movements.

Jaguar energy is an energy of stillness, of awaiting for the right moment to jump and take action. Today, like any day, we probably encountered tasks and chores that needed to be carried out and that took time out of our meditations and our self cultivation. This shouldn’t be perceived as a negative thing.

Shifting away from the modern capitalist mindset is also shifting away from the pre-digested spiritual practices we are given. Not getting mad at our daily to-do tasks getting in the way of our spiritual practice is today’s suggested meditation. Daily tasks are sacred, they are necessary, and in them, you will find the most divine cultivation you will ever find. Cultivating yourself at doing them in a spiritual way, at finding through them the communication with the sacred spirit, will be a life-changing spiritual practice. Don’t divide the sacred from the mundane, don’t make the paradigm of separation any stronger. Find the divine mega-creative way to join everything together, to find the time you need, to do the things you wanted while taking care of what needed care-taking.

The Jaguar is a powerful animal, it can do unimaginable feats. Like this, feminine energy will manifest today, in your home, in your routine. Order will be found, and will be given, it will, by itself, manifest.


Governing 13 day count “Trecena”

Jun B’aatz – One Monkey

The first day of the 260-day Chol qu’ij or Tzolking cycle, in the Jun B’aatz Chol Qu’ij or Jun Chowen Tzolkin layout. There is a different Jun Imox Chol Qui’ij or Jun Imix Tzolkin layout, that begins with the One Crocodile, in which case, the One Monkey would be found in the middle of that cycle.

It’s but the beginning of time, the beginning of the cycle, a time when we begin new projects, start new endeavours, and when time shows a new beginning. When we are aligned to the sacred cycle, the thirteen days that begin with this day will be the fruits of a new beginning.

This year the Jun B’aatz day landed on the 21st of September 2020. Kan’b Ix is the fourth day if the B’aatz trecena.





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