Five Eagle – The Vision of Life Transformation

Today’s Daily Active Meditation

Last Kab EE day, which landed on the 22 of September 2020, we received the message of “sticking to the path we have chosen” and finding change in our perspective and the way we cultivate, learning from the mistakes we have chosen and changing them into the better version for us. Today that consciousness that was gratefully received will be turned into a vision, a vision of transformation.

Today let’s find ourselves right at that spot when we are uncomfortable in our lives, the part of our daily routine that we are not specially fond of and that we would choose to change if we had the opportunity. Our minds will by default imagine some type of change, another life, where we wouldn’t need to deal with this specific situation. Let’s prepare ourselves to see something different in this specific moment. When we channel wisdom from above, from the source of light and when this is in connection with the earth and our inner selves, we can download an information that was completely absent in us, in our imagination, that gives us the perspective of why this is happening, what we are learning from it and what the universe is learning from it.

Yes, the universe is learning from us, he uses us as his eyes and ears. In another moment, or in one of my courses, you can learn how to practice, if you don’t already, recapitulations and shamanic exercises to best communicate to the universe as he learns from you, giving him the information he needs and taking back the vital energy that is attached to this information. Today, we expand that practice and focus it right at that moment in your day, when you really wish that would change… that situation, isn’t, changing, and you, you are. The situation is there to tell you something you haven’t learned. I suggest you have this mind focus today in your routines, and the days to come, and practice as often as you can as a focusing exercise.

At first, it will be the same, you will notice something in your day that is not the funnest for you, you will remember what I shared with you here, and become conscious that you are experiencing that precise moment you kind of dislike. I know you are good at not having those moments, you are already a conscious being that is positively working on everything.

But there is I bet a little bit something, some minor thing; that still, becomes uncomfortable to do; could be a chore, or could be a part of a relationship with someone. So now you are noticing it, you are making it conscious; that is the suggested active meditation and what you can immediately expect; but let me tell you about the reward.

There comes a time when these seemingly tedious exercises of focusing our consciousness into parts of our “mundane” lives grabs a true focus. It’s like training an eye that doesn’t see well, just sees blurry and we are trying to have it focus on something. It is tedious, and unproductive, because we yet don’t focus. But there is a day when suddenly this focus becomes natural, and you finally see.


Governing 13 day count “Trecena”

Jun B’aatz – One Monkey

The first day of the 260-day Chol qu’ij or Tzolking cycle, in the Jun B’aatz Chol Qu’ij or Jun Chowen Tzolkin layout. There is a different Jun Imox Chol Qui’ij or Jun Imix Tzolkin layout, that begins with the One Crocodile, in which case, the One Monkey would be found in the middle of that cycle.

It’s but the beginning of time, the beginning of the cycle, a time when we begin new projects, start new endeavours, and when time shows a new beginning. When we are aligned to the sacred cycle, the thirteen days that begin with this day will be the fruits of a new beginning.

This year the Jun B’aatz day landed on the 21st of September 2020. Job Tz’ikin is the fifth day of the B’aatz trecena.





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