The mind that protects us – Eight Lightning



Today we might be experiencing an event, a situation, where we feel we are missing something. There is some scarcity present, some problems showing, but they are there for a reason. We feel the integrity to face these challenges and begin learning the lessons that come from them.

Today’s Daily Active Meditation

If today you’re experiencing a withdrawal from something or some type of hardship, it’s what we can expect from a regular flintstone or lightning day. This problem is here to transform you, and today we are given the gift of a sound, integral protection to carry on with the rest of the 260 day cycle that begun eight days ago.

We must remember the highest principle in the universe: everything is mental. The creator is a being, we are beings, everything that is created was created by conscious beings and has a conscious, subjective nature to it. The biggest lie we’ve been fed is that we live in an objective, random universe, where random events take place.

Some time ago in the past, dark energies, that are here to challenge us to grow, that are here to force us to evolve, that pray on the weak and are here to make us stronger, incarnated on the earth and have since been taking over much of the weaknesses existent in our minds and thus, manifested in our physical realm. This year 2020 we see the best example of how these dark energies manifest through dark psychology and the new web, the new matrix.

In today’s active meditation we must hunt down the things we repeat in ourselves and the things we take for granted in our minds and education that reproduce these dark energies.

However, realising the truth is ascending from the dense low-frequency states, which in turn requires many profound changes in daily life, and this may seem like we are pushing ourselves away from the rest of the herd. This is necessary. It’s the only way we can guide the herd in another way that is not the slaughterhouse. But our emotional, programmed mind deceives us again, making us think that this separation is unwanted, we want to be part.

Remember the Disney movies where the princess is always separated from her family? It’s what we have been programmed for: separation. Separating ourselves from this programming and temporarily from doing what everyone else does is in fact, coming together with the universe, with the divine light, with truth and plentiful life.

Draw in your mind an octagon, remember it. Associate it with what you have here read, which is, a reflection of things you already know. Here I give you a tool to protect you, each time you feel threatened by a feeling, a sorrow, or a negative thought. Remember that you have the power over it, and that it’s all in your mind.


Governing 13 day count “Trecena”

Jun B’aatz – One Monkey

The first day of the 260-day Chol qu’ij or Tzolking cycle, in the Jun B’aatz Chol Qu’ij or Jun Chowen Tzolkin layout. There is a different Jun Imox Chol Qui’ij or Jun Imix Tzolkin layout, that begins with the One Crocodile, in which case, the One Monkey would be found in the middle of that cycle.

It’s but the beginning of time, the beginning of the cycle, a time when we begin new projects, start new endeavours, and when time shows a new beginning. When we are aligned to the sacred cycle, the thirteen days that begin with this day will be the fruits of a new beginning.

This year the Jun B’aatz day landed on the 21st of September 2020. Job Tz’ikin is the fifth day of the B’aatz trecena.




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