Reuniting the lost community – Nine Storm




Throughout the whole of the Mexican territory, today, September 29 2020, a nine storm day, it rains and strong winds blow. This is very common, storm day summons real storms. Did you loose something or someone yesterday? you’re being reconstructed, that’s what is happening.

Today’s Daily Active Meditation

Take time for yourself today and to take care of your home. Make a stronger connection to her, to the spirit of your house. Yesterday some seemingly negative events may have happened, and probably today you want to stay home, to rebuild, recover.

We are being separated, seemingly, but in reality we are being reunited. We are being separated from the false identity, from the false society we live in, from the lies that impregnate knowledge, institutions, education, and our relationships.

Breaking away from these negative ties, may bring about breakage with the loved ones. It’s part of the process. Our differences are being highlighted, and we want to be true to ourselves, our opinions separate us then to others that don’t share the same opinion.

We are all in a process and everyone is in a different stage of the process. But we all will advance to the same goal, we will all reunite again. Don’t let the sorrow of separation take over, we are only being separated of the false skin we are wearing. We want to take our masks off, we want to take our clothes off, and make love, the time is coming, get ready.

Think about what you can do to re-unite with lost loved ones, or with future family members. Are you creating a community? are you doing enough to reach out to others? Today, stay home, tomorrow, go out and look for love.


Governing 13 day count “Trecena”

Jun B’aatz – One Monkey

The first day of the 260-day Chol qu’ij or Tzolking cycle, in the Jun B’aatz Chol Qu’ij or Jun Chowen Tzolkin layout. There is a different Jun Imox Chol Qui’ij or Jun Imix Tzolkin layout, that begins with the One Crocodile, in which case, the One Monkey would be found in the middle of that cycle.

It’s but the beginning of time, the beginning of the cycle, a time when we begin new projects, start new endeavours, and when time shows a new beginning. When we are aligned to the sacred cycle, the thirteen days that begin with this day will be the fruits of a new beginning.

This year the Jun B’aatz day landed on the 21st of September 2020. Job Tz’ikin is the fifth day of the B’aatz trecena.



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