The Woke Nation

The United States is, in my latest vision, the woke nation. Let’s imagine it like the most energetic, young, big and ambitious kid that is part of a group of world bullies, that has the rest of the group members looking up to him and playing along with his plan. there are other groups, other gangs where the big guys are China and Russia, and with them they agree on big business, though are different gangs and maintain certain disagreement in many more specific issues.

Woke can be interpreted as a good or a bad thing, and I mostly use it to describe the current global authoritarian cult that masks as science and carries out different psychotic agendas that can be identified because they impose themselves through a turned-upside-down discourse. We are not just seeing the emergence of this as a totalitarian regime in the world, it was already like that, it was already the dominating bully that would invade and steal from the rest of the members in the world community and control everything they could while using a discourse of peace and freedom.

But the word woke can also be used in a good way, saying something that is awake, that is really good. So what if the United States could actually be, as they say, “the best nation in the world” or “the most powerful”? what if power was used for good?

It’s not the case because the real managers of the nation are not really of their nation, or of any nation, they are the globalist few. All presidents of every nation today, would be immediately killed if they disclosed or turned against the highest and most obscure plans in the global agenda. They all work for the same central financial system, and no nation is above them, and no law enforcement can keep them from doing what they are doing.

We must understand that the globalist few are Satanists, which means that their plans are perverse and obscure, they don’t even know what doing a little bit of good looks like. They are on the quest to conquest all without caring if they destroy anything or everything: life, humans or humanity are not seen as an obstacle they can’t dominate, own, destroy or overcome. The quest is to how to best exploit anything and everything they can and in the case of humanity, do it in a downsizing manner. They are going for it, and are making progress. Your land rights and resources they have already taken away from you, now they are going for your mind and your body.

Sadly the United States is the first and most important base where big part of the gold and the weapons are made and kept. The agenda The United States has as a Nation with the deal in the Globalist triad is terrifying, it’s led by military and scientist psychopaths dominated by the elderly creeps that finance and own it all. We are not a civilization, we live in a masked totalitarian Satanist cult that is leading the “progress” of mankind and plans to take everyone by force into a eugenic and transhumanist experimentation phase.

We see it happening, the powergrabs, the shutdowns, the financial bubble, the totalitarian medical experiment; which it’s not really medical, it’s not medicine, or not medicine being used for health in any sense, but to develop, transhumans, or droids, or cyborgs, or kill them if we fail but do it!

We see the active war towards the traditional American; the white protestant first colonist that believes in the second amendment is today an inherently racist enemy that must be if not eliminated, “re-educated” and disarmed. Its numerical power must be diluted and the operation to accomplish that is underway with their immigration plan, or problem.

Genocide was common to the Native Americans and to many people outside of the United States, but weirdly enough they have now chosen to target their own original people. Some people yes are racist, but racism is being used, like everything else in woke culture, as a discourse to enforce genocide. Maybe we are entering a time when we have become so globalized that patriotism and nations as they once were seen are loosing any meaning whatsoever. This is probably due in part to the fact that governments of all nations have been ran by an evil mafia that has never had any type of values -like patriotism- or meaningful quests but the development of total control and domination of it all.

The constitution of the United States has been constantly violated throughout recent history, and as time presses on, it progresses and the violations become more evident and in-your-face. By no means should we be considering today the United States a working democracy, we need to realize that the swamp is still is filled with giant toads that have gone nowhere and that most of them work not for the people of the nation, but for for Mr. Global.

Targeting the gun owners has shown their greatest fear, and it’s not just the guns. It’s the power of the people of the United States, who today are found inside that great gigantic base, are at ground zero of the main headquarters where globalism is pushed and have it in their hands the possibility to turn the game around and save the world. Wouldn’t that make it the greatest nation in the world, and its people the greatest heroes?

Wait, save the world, how? Take the United States back, how?

Save yourselves, wake up, identify and detach from the sick woke system, study and be part of the new and ancestral story, unite with your fellow in sovereignty, heal, strengthen, train and face the music!

There’s a way to do it, you must just do it, begin!

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