The money dimension

What is a dimension?

A different set of rules. Humanity, as a whole, has been “scared away”; “sequestered” from its natural multidimensional language (hence existence) to a language that can be understood by way of numbers, of primal math, which is one-dimensional. Logic follows these rules and it is good to make sense and apply logic and math to life, as long as we understand it’s one dimensionality, and that we live on many more dimensions.

Completely hijacked from our awareness of existence is that we have lost the ability to congruently communicate through human language and its multidimensional-human set of traits. We have replaced human interaction with a simpler, one-dimensional mathematical whole-number logic which turns out to be money.

Every single thing that can be done as an interaction between two humans can be measured by money, it has a cost. Every service and every product. All of our interactions are mediated by money. There, where lots of money is to be had (not were we are) even marriage is a tool for a financial contract that is made.

We have the freedom to not touch dirt -where our food comes from (which by the way is the only real thing we need)- and do what we think is more of our pleasure -worse yet, to our “talents”; or worse yet, what is more “valuable”- because of this system.

We think we are free withing this system, that we have a lot of choices, and that getting rid of the dirt is quite the choice to be made. We loose sight of the dirt, and when we do so, of earth, of our wholeness, our health, our intelligence, our power, our soul. We become trainees of the ancient one-world-order system, which is that which we so dearly love, having lots of channels on tv and lots of products and brands to choose from our shopping sources. Hey, you can buy anything!

If you want to sugar your way to death, you’re free to do so -the system will help- nature won’t be completely there to regulate you. The mon-eye system has allowed for us to completely forget and ignore the fact that all academies and governments are taken over by really mean people. So the world is not balanced, it’s truly mean. That’s not natural, that’s not part of nature, yet we lost sight of what natural and good really is.

The fact of reality is that being mean is good business, a good way to make money. The more money you have the more power, the more power you have, the more power you can use to remain there and avoid others from having your power. This power feeds from absorption, of death. Worse than natural death, which leaves a carcass to recycle, this spiritual death leaves nothing, you have become nothing. Over the centuries, as has happened, this death creature has grown, grown so much that is leaving little room for anything else, and anybody else that is not playing this responsible consumer game.

Powerless to say anything, to really make sense of this, you will probably go back to being part of that monster. That monster is you, because it’s made possible by you. You pay for it. You are its life source. Every time you turn your time into money, you do that. If you truly understood this, you would quit your job today. Not happening? then you are not here for a purpose, your only purpose is survival, which is the first principle of satanism.

Everybody has been satanized. Over and over. We pay to go pray at satan’s church and get paid to do the dirty work. We pull the triggers, lock the keys and click the buttons that create all of the suffering in the world. We sign the contracts that are required to be licensed within the system. We are active contractors with the brilliance of explosive evil. We gotta make a living, right officer?

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