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Building the bride between you and native ancient spirituality & wisdom


Our Missions

Native Journey was created with the mission of empowering native indigenous cultures, territories and communities through activities that strengthen and help protect their lands, their culture, their wisdom and their spiritual legacy. We want to present native spirituality as an alternative for spiritual self-development; at the same time provide opportunities for people abroad to fully experience and comprehend indigenous spirituality, culture, and the undetachable natural treasures that are found where natives exist.

Native Journey responds to the new era of opening and sharing that many indigenous cultures are experimenting today. It becomes a tool through which native wise men, spiritual leaders and communities can begin teaching the world the wisdom that can guide everyone to a better tomorrow.

Native Journey seeks to create a new essence of travel, of teaching and of spiritual sharing and community building, one that integrates discovery, healing, deep connection with wilderness and the holistic empowering of the visitor and the visited.

Native Journey is involved with many indigenous organisations and seeks to channel support to them in their activities of self-determination and the defence of their territories and the environment. Please visit our support page to learn how you can directly support these indigenous organisations.





Our Land

The american continent is the land bridge between the earth’s pole’s, the vital spine of our living planet. This naturally and culturally rich landmass is known as the “land of full maturity” where the most spiritually mature places and people exist. For this purpose we call Native Americans to all of the original inhabitants of the great, undivided continent that includes North, Central and South America.

Native Americans are unimaginably rich in spiritual and cultural wisdom. As guardians of the remaining wilderness in the continent, they are the keepers of the planet’s richest treasures. Native Journey acts as a gathering agent that attracts different hard to access places and cultures throughout Latin America, and provides tools for them to receive unique visitors that seek to transform their soul through life-changing travel experiences.






julian-perfil-njJulián Katari – Intercultural Guide, Artist, Healer, Creator and Main Coordinator of Native Journey

The lightning totem is my main guide. As such, at 16, a sudden awakening struck me and deepened me into and endless journey of self discovery and of the discovery of these sacred lands, their spirits and their wisdom. I carry out many sacred missions, and this is one of them, to be able to use my multicultural formation to help transform visitors into vital parts of this land and this culture.

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Sabrina Peñaranda – Intercultural Guide, Healer, Historian.

I am a carefully cultivated healer and wise woman. I have very unique responsibilities and liaisons with spirit guides in my homeland, the Bolivian Andes. I am also an historian dedicated to researching the ancient virgins of the catholic temples in Bolivia and belong to a very unique group of researchers and intellectuals. I find in Native Journey the opportunity to reach out to the world and use my English skills to build bridges with the healing powers of my land.



sergio-perfil-njSergio Durán Chacón – Archaeologist, Guide and Community Tourism Coordinator

As I studied Archaeology, different native wise men appeared in my life and showed me that the wisdom and technologies of our ancestors wasn’t dead and buried, but still very alive. I have swayed from orthodox Archaeology and have since sought to approach native communities and their cultural heritage. Through Native Journey, I seek to share my discoveries with the world.

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Mario Vargmario-perfil-njas – Kallawaya Medicine Man

Mario is a traditional Kallawaya Medicine Man. He was born and has lived all his life immersed in the most profound healing and shamanic native culture South America has to offer. He was one of the creators of the Bolivian Society of Traditional Medicine, SOBOMETRA. Kallawayas are itinerant medicine men that travel and heal. Mario has agreed to work with Native Journey so that his healing may reach new people and new horizons. Visiting Mario’s Native Village is one of the most complete travelling experiences you may find.

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Ccarlos-perfil-njarlos Quete – Native Rainforest Guide in the Bolivian Amazon

Carlos is a modern Tacana Native from the Bolivian Amazon. He was raised and has lived all of his life in the forest. Since he was young, he began working with deep forest expeditions and with tourism, when it began in the early 90’s. He is today one of the most experienced, reliable and fun rainforest guides you can find. He is a connoisseur of the Tacana ancient ways and has experience in aiding and guiding ayahuasca ceremonies.

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More unique beings are soon to join Native Journey…




We, the native people gathered by native journey, desire to reach out to everyone in the world, open our minds, our hearts and our homes to anyone that wishes to visit us and learn from us in a respectful and reciprocal way. We seek to receive visitors in the way we believe they should be received, treating them to our best ways, offering our best foods, accommodations, and offering them the opportunity to transform their body, mind and spirit.

We want to remind our visitors about how we perceive the reality of the world today. We believe the world has been taken over a dark energy that has created spiritual, cultural, political, social, and economic institutions that are guiding humanity to a path of destruction and death. We understand everyone is involuntarily part, to a certain extent, of this project. We natives have a different project for humanity, but we have been invaded and continue to be invaded, and still suffer many forms of discrimination, racism and the denial of our wisdom and science.

We understand that you, the visitor, as well as us to a lesser extent, live in a system where we are forced to participate in the project of destruction of the earth and of cultural diversity. We ask you to be ready to free your mind from what may be destructive attitudes that inevitably are adopted while living in modern cities. We invite you to open your mind and your heart to understand there is another way of living, of thinking and of being.

We must veil for our cultural and spiritual integrity as people, so through Native Journey we want to make sure that our visitors are aware, prepared and open to perceive a different way of life. You are the visitor, and it must be you that is seeking to learn from us. To make sure that our families are happy with your visit, we ask you to follow the following code of conduct:

Understand we are equals. Our cultures may be different, but we have the same human rights.

  • Respect our people and all living things. Absolutely everyone deserves the same respect.
  • Accept everything we offer you, we offer you our best. Denying anything offered is a big offence.
  • Respect our ways. We have different reasoning for everything we do.
  • Respect the situation. We ask you to have a positive attitude and be helpful.
  • Do what we do. Do everything we ask you to, you’re the one visiting our world.
  • Leave your best. We give the best we have, and we expect you to do the same.
  • Respect our soul. To many of us, taking a picture is taking a piece of our souls. If you ask nicely, we may want to give it, or exchange it for something, but don’t ever take it without asking.

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