Hach Winik – El Hombre Verdadero

CURSO PREPARATORIO PARA GUERRERO ÁGUILA - CÍRCULO DE MEDICINA EL VERDADERo potencial humano Y NUESTRA RESPONSABILIDAD DE ALCANZARLO. Descripción del Curso Julian Katari nos relata su experiencia visitando el útlimo gran sabio Maya Lacandón, Chan Kin Joven, quien le compartió su visión sobre la creación, el verdadero creador, y el "dios de las máquinas". Habiendo … Continue reading Hach Winik – El Hombre Verdadero

Reuniting the lost community – Nine Storm

  BELEJEB KAWOK - NINE STORM - CHIKNAWI KIAWITL   Throughout the whole of the Mexican territory, today, September 29 2020, a nine storm day, it rains and strong winds blow. This is very common, storm day summons real storms. Did you loose something or someone yesterday? you're being reconstructed, that's what is happening. Today's … Continue reading Reuniting the lost community – Nine Storm

The mind that protects us – Eight Lightning

WAKXAK'IB TIJAAX - EIGHT LIGHTNING - CHIKUEYI TEKPATL   Today we might be experiencing an event, a situation, where we feel we are missing something. There is some scarcity present, some problems showing, but they are there for a reason. We feel the integrity to face these challenges and begin learning the lessons that come … Continue reading The mind that protects us – Eight Lightning

Five Eagle – The Vision of Life Transformation

Today's Daily Active Meditation Last Kab EE day, which landed on the 22 of September 2020, we received the message of "sticking to the path we have chosen" and finding change in our perspective and the way we cultivate, learning from the mistakes we have chosen and changing them into the better version for us. … Continue reading Five Eagle – The Vision of Life Transformation

Four Jaguar – Kan’ib I’x

Today's Daily Active Meditation Today's four Jaguar day is perfect to introduce active meditations. When we think about meditation, we tend to think about meditating in stillness, sitting down, without physical movement. This is convenient when we want to wonder off with our spirit from our bodies. Maya ancestors remind us that many if not … Continue reading Four Jaguar – Kan’ib I’x