Aztec Dance Workshop

The Aztec Ritual Dance is a way to bring together celestial and terrestrial wisdom through hundreds of different dance moves and more than thirty dances. The dance moves have a deep esoteric, geometric, astronomic and mathematical meaning and can channel spiritual and physical energies in a very profound way. The Aztec Dance Ritual combines synchronized dances, rhythms created by drums, rattles tied to dancer’s feet and harmonic instruments; with the four elements, water, air, fire and earth.

Aztec Dance is a way to elevate prayers to the sky. It’s prayer in movement, a way to offer, commune with the divine, with the essences, the elements and with the fellow dancers. It’s a way of meditation through movement.

Workshop in La Paz Bolivia

As part of the project “Union of the hearts of the Condor and the Eagle” Julián Katari is offering Aztec dance workshops in the city of La Paz.  The last workshop was carried out in Casa Espejo. We are now setting a new space to carry out this wonderful workshop. If you’re interested in participating, please write us and we can tell you the dates when the next workshop will be carried out.


Part of the Deer Dance at Casa Espejo

CARTEL_Taller_danzas__CASA-ESPEJO_2015-900pxAztec Dance Poster for Casa Espejo

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