Why do I feel lonely – ask a shaman

There probably are many psychologists and apparently instructed people trying to answer this question, but if you ask a shaman, you are going to get a completely different answer. First though, we have to broaden a little bit the category of shaman that will be used here. Shamans are normally seen as people who can … Continue reading Why do I feel lonely – ask a shaman


Kallawaya Medicine Men

The Kallawaya (also known as Callahuaya, Kolyawaya, Qolla Huayu) is a culture native from the towns of Curva, Chajaya, Khanlaya, Huata Huata, Inka and Chari, in the surroundings of the town of Charazani, in the Bautista Saavedra province of the La Paz Department, Bolivia.  This natural setting is one of the most spectacular, unexplored and … Continue reading Kallawaya Medicine Men