What is a shaman – We all need to be shamans

The modern world tears us from the ability to be beings, we are objects of its machinery of mass destruction. The primordial difference between the modern occidental paradigm (that is collapsing because of its own decadent nature) and the native and ancestral paradigm (that is our future, since it’s the principle of life) is the dichotomic premise of object-subject. In the ideal of the modern human (that doesn’t really merit the title of “human”) everything that exists is simply an object. He lives in an objective and material universe, where everything that exists is an object of his hedonist desire; and he treats reality as an inanimate vehicle (object) that serves him only to satisfy his necessities, which are not vital, for the most part, they are just vices that he requires to take him outside of reality (that is not objective by nature). For this being, subjectivity, his feelings, emotions, dreams, are for the least, distractions of lesser importance.

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