Consultation with Julian Katari

First thing I know about healing: most people are sick because they don’t want to heal. Wanting to truly heal, is the first step in a healing process. True healing involves deepening into your psyche and your spirit, solving problems in your past and facing them. You cannot heal the body definitely if you don’t heal the rest of your being.

Knowing this, 3 years ago, I began applying everything I had learned in my 16 years of walking the path of native ways. I began reaching out to people who needed healing, and I specialized in healing the Yachay, which involves more teaching than therapy-like healing. Ideally, a complete healing involves a complete life transformation. I am working on building a place where I can offer this to people. Meanwhile, I like to help people approach a better state of perception and health, through different workshops and journeys I organize, and through private shamanic work.

In a consultation I can answer quick questions that may help solve an immediate problem or help find the person a better way. If the person has time and desires to deepen into his healing, we can begin a more profound work that involves native astrological readings, body healing and psychological-shamanic activities.

If you have a quick and simple question, I can try to answer it by e-mail.

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