Consultation with Kallawaya Mario Vargas

kallawaya_mario_vargasMario is a dedicated Kallawaya Medicine Man. (read more about Kallawaya medicine men). He has his consultation room in the City of La Paz, where he diagnoses and treats people. Mario and Kallawayas are excellent medicine men, with an extensive use of medicinal plants that can cure almost everything. But this is what we call Ruay healing, which is the healing of the body. Kallawayas are also expert healers of the Munay & Yachay, which are the spiritual and mental parts of the human being. Mario is the go-to person for answers when you want to know about something spiritual, about your life, your destiny, or any question you may want to ask the sacred spirits. Mario uses Coca Leafs to read, to ask the spirits the question you may have, and the answers they give are always helpful.


Write us if you wish to set up an appointment with Kallawaya Mario.

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