“To journey has taken a new meaning. To experience the depths of the self, of culture and of mother earth is a necessity inherent to all of those searching for the true meaning of journey”



valley of souls ritual journeyVALLEY OF SOULS RITUAL  

Day journey – Healing Ritual – Offering  

Duration: 10 hours 

This day tjourney combines an incredible high mountain hike through a spectacular place very close to the city of La Paz, the valley of souls, and a native ritual that is very interesting and healing. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to ritually chew coca leaves and communicate with the Coca Goddess. It includes a very nurturing lunch. 

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illimani healing ritual journeyILLIMANI HEALING RITUAL  

Offering – Kallawaya Healing  

 Duration: 5 hours 

The Mesa Offering to the Spirits of the Mountains, called in Aymara Wajta, is one of the most powerful ways to heal diseases, solve problems and attract good luck. It is also a good way to experience a Native Andean Ritual. This is a very short journey to a very special power place in front of the great Illimani mountain.

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Workshop – Yachay Healing  

Duration: 4-5 days

Lake Titicaca is the most sacred place in the Andes, and is the best place to learn about Andean Wisdom & Cosmology. This retreat takes us to one of the most undisturbed ancestral towns that remain on lake Titicaca: Samapaya. In this beautiful town we will have the opportunity to rest far away from modern distractions while we take this healing and wisdom nurturing workshop.

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kallawaya deep healing journeyKALLAWAYA DEEP HEALING  

Deep Healing Journey – Community Interaction  

Duration: 7 days

A journey to one of the mos incredible, picturesque and unexplored places in the Andes. A deep journey to a very deep place and a visit to one of the most wise Andean cultures: The Kallawaya. This journey is not only a good opportunity to know this place and this culture, but to treat diseases and ailments that possibly have not been cured previously by any other methods or doctors. The Kallawaya are one of the most powerful healers the world has to offer. This is one of the most complete experiences you may find. 

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Deep Nature Expedition – Shamanic Workshop – Healing  

Duration: 10 days

To know the most bio-diverse hotspot in the Amazon combines with the experience of living in the forest, building a refuge, making crafts, harvesting wild fruits, fishing, deepening into the native magical-spiritual world, and doing different physical improvement therapies and shamanic exercises for the expansion of the consciousness.

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