Julian Katari

alpinismo-4I am an empirical learner, school was never enough to me. When I was little I was considered a very smart and gifted boy. I lived my first years in Mexico City and then moved and lived five years in Eugene, Oregon, where I studied middle school and high school. In seventh grade I earned a national award from the National Achievement Academy for a palaeontology project, after having won first place at the school and at the county’s science fair. While at school we were taught basic science, at home I had my own weather station and made predictions that in most cases where more accurate than the local news’ weather forecast. I was very interested in earth sciences at that the same time I became a nature lover, learning to be an expert mountaineer and downhill skier. In one and a half years I climbed 10 peaks in Oregon and Washington State. I was very inspired by my science teacher, Robert Flo, who instead of giving us long lectures in the classroom, would take us to the school’s back yard to work at an organic vegetable garden, teaching us how to use the worm compost and about recycling.

At the end of high school I bumped into a native Lakota, who taught me and initiatedtaller-(6) me into the world of native medicine and shamanism. An intense awakening struck me and showed me how wrong the world was, how limited human perception was, how we are raised and taught by the system to be zombies, to be slaves. Since then, at the age of 16, I followed what I call the red path, which is the spiritual and physical path of Native Americans. I began a never-ending process of detaching thought processes and spirits of fear that were implanted in me since I was little. I ran away from home and from the system, and sought shelter in native communities. It has been a long, non-stop 17 year-long journey (I am now 33), and I have had the opportunity to form myself with different medicine men, healers, shamans and native communities. My journey has allowed me to live in most of the environments that exist in the America’s, like northern forests, coral beaches, deserts, high mountains, tropical rainforests and sub-humid forests. I have lived in and learned from different indigenous places in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Chile.

“An intense awakening struck me and showed me how wrong the world was, how limited human perception was, how we are raised and taught by the system to be zombies, to be slaves”

What am I? Is a good question. The terms I prefer to use the most are Hach Winik,  which in Lacandon Mayanillo-(6)a means «True Man» and Pacha Jaqui, in Aymara «Man of the Earth». It involves two concepts: Being true, to yourself, to the earth, following the «Kapac Ñan» the true road, the path of native wisdom; and being a «Complete Man», one that is skilful in all the arts, learns about everything, is good at everything and masters everything (it’s a long career).  When you live deep in the rainforest, like I have, you must learn to do everything, build your house, grow food, fish, know the forest, do crafts, heal your family, and much more.

danza-(3)This career has allowed me to master many different arts. I am a very experienced goldsmith, mastering many techniques, I do different types of artwork, I’m a writer, a musician specialized today in Brazilian guitar and I am learning my eighth language (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Nawat, Lacandon Maya, Aymara).  I have worked with tourism for 11 years now, and have enriched myself quite a bit with many «occidental» sciences (some more than others) like: Geography, Biology, Meteorology, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, Computing and other disciplines of thought that I approach from a native way of thinking like: Psychology, Cosmology and Philosophy. I also have done abundant studies in astrology, Chinese Tao, and other Esoteric and informal Epistemologies.

If I was, at once, a «westerner», I have deeply turned that around. Even though I am familiar and I stay updated with modern «scientific» thought, I find it quite limited and dissected. Modern occidental sciences and skills only complement what to me is a much more complete and profound system of life and thought.  Therefore this is the formation that I have sought the most and that I have been able to understand and master.  This path has taken me through many different initiations, and has allowed me to integrate myself into more than one «power circles»  and create others, these later are young and growing.

 “Even though I am familiar and I stay updated with modern «scientific» thought, I find it quite limited and dissected”
I have formed myself thoroughly in Toltec warrior arts, having attended many ceremoniesexpedicion and workshops in different places in Mexico. I have lived in the central Mexican desert and experienced initiations with the spirits of Wirikuta and two of the last Chichimec descendants. In 2001 I joined the Aztec-Chichimec dance group of General Ernesto Ortiz Ramirez, a very large, powerful native spiritual circle that has a direct lineage descent from the Aztecs. In 2006 I lived in many different places in the Maya lands, where I was able to learn  Maya cosmology and lifestyle,  and learned to be an Aj qu’ij, a Maya calendar daykeeper. (a real Maya calendar, there are a few fake ones).  Later, I was able to come back to Bolivia, where I experienced Andean Aymara, Kallawaya and Amazon Tacana  teachings.

yoenlaselvIn 2010 I had my first daughter, Vida, an event that to the Andean worldview is an important initiation. That same year I joined the Candelaria Madidi Ecológico community, and began materializing my life project. The next year I was elected as Secretary of Relations of the community, which to the native worldview is the last of the true-man’s life initiations, when you have a leadership role in your community. Since then, my life matured from a learning-only state into a teaching-and-learning state. I began organizing Maya cosmology and shamanic workshops, and began helping others heal and find a better path. I continued having kids, two more flesh-and-blood ones and four other «power circles» that can also be called projects. Native Journey is one of them. I invite you to learn about them, and if you find it in your path,  be part of them.

 My Power Circles «Projects»

logo_muxuqnina_version_final_transparencia_180pxMuxuq Nina Fuego Nuevo – A spiritual and educational project that seeks to gather and renew cosmologies and wisdom from all the native nations in the Abya Yala continent. It is a project for  the renewing and relighting of the ancestral fire, the fire of creation. We seek that this wisdom, this fire, be the light that ignites the seed of a new world (This link takes you to the web page of a film we produced). It is the core element for a new education and life system based in a recompilation and renewal of ancestral and native epistemologies

Ecoaldea Patiti-logo sin fondoPaititi Ecovillage – The Candelaria Madidi Ecológico Community takes care of a 32,000 hectare reserve in the most biodiverse hotspot in the Amazon. We seek to build a Ecovillage that is to be the «feminine initiation center» that has been foretold by many native nations in their prophecies. These prophecies state that the spiritual power-center of the earth, has moved from Tibet and has settled in a large area around Titicaca Lake, a place that I consider to be the «Heart of the Earth». There, two «Initiation Centers for the New Era» are to be built, one masculine, in Titicaca lake, and one feminine, in the nearby Madidi region of the Amazon Rainforest. At its core, the project is a response to this prophecy.  In a more non-spiritual, practical and immediate approach, we seek to build a self-sustainable community that will serve as a pilot scheme for the construction of an alternative society and help protect this critical reserve through an innovative Ecotourism project.

union de corazones LOGO 300PXUnion of the Hearts of the Eagle and the Condor – An interesting mutation, derivation and addition to the previous projects and to the well-know Gathering of the Eagle and the Condor. In essence, we seek to join what I consider to be the hearts of  the Eagle «The North American Continent and it’s cultures» and the Condor «The South American Continent and it’s cultures». Both Continents have geographical, energetic, spiritual and cultural hearts. The Eagle-masculine cultural heart is the Toltec, with their energetic center being Teotihuacan and the Valley of Mexico. The Condor-feminine cultural heart  is the “Andean” culture, with their energetic center being Tiwanaku and the region around Titicaca Lake. These hearts have, at the same time, their dual masculine-feminine energetic and cultural centers. For the Eagle it’s Toltec-Maya, Teotihuacan-Na Chan Kan (Palenque), and for the Condor it’s Andean-Amazonian, Tiwanaku-Paititi.  This union of the hearts is also the union and healing (reunion) of the masculine and feminine in all senses. The first objective project we are presenting using this name, is one that may finance  the travel expenses of the Aztec Dance group y belong to so they may come to Bolivia and energetically «seed» the feminine heart.This would be a powerful and effective first step to carry out this vision.

logo_transparenciaNative Journey – Native Journey was created with the mission of empowering native indigenous cultures and communities through tourism in Latin America. We want to present native spirituality as an alternative for spiritual self-development.  Provide opportunities for travellers to experience indigenous spirituality, indigenous culture, and the undetachable natural treasures that are found where natives exist.To the indigenous groups and communities involved, Native Journey means that their culture and spirituality is being valued and thus helps them preserve and strengthen their practice. It also provides healthy eco-friendly & culturally friendly tourism that creates economic alternatives to other activities that would involve destroying or replacing the natural environment and/or their cultural heritage.

 Native Journey Activities in which Julian Participates

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