Maya Cosmology Course

About Mayan Cosmology

Maya cosmology is the science that agglomerates the cosmological, astronomical, religious, scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge of the ancient and modern Mayas. Today, avant-garde theories and discoveries in quantum physics are more similar to Maya cosmology than to the orthodox science still taught in schools. The clearest example of this is how modern scientific cosmology is separated from philosophical cosmology and from religious cosmology, something that does not happen in Maya cosmology, therefore indicating that it is a wisdom that is more complete and advanced than the one used today.

Many of the philosophical, scientific and cultural values of supposedly “modern” society are obsolete, and that’s why it is convenient to teach and try to implement in our lives and research the science of one of the most advanced civilizations: the Mayas.

Unfortunately, this vast knowledge goes unseen by most, where a monopolizing global culture purposely underrates ancient native wisdom in an attempt to keep alive a knowledge system that is outdated, incomplete and unsustainable. Product of historic colonization, native wisdom has few if none institutions that can grant it academic credibility, therefore allowing many myths to filter into the mainstream media and fake native wisdom to be taught openly, blurring the credibility and transcendent potential this wisdom could have if applied today.

About the lecturer

Julian Katari was born in bJulian Katariorn in La Paz, Bolivia and at the age of eleven moved to the United States, where at age 16 met a native Lakota who initiated him into the spiritual-magical-scientific wisdom and practice of Native Americans. Since then he began a sixteen-year-long training of native wisdom and arts; visiting, living in and studying different native indigenous nations and communities in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Chile.

In 2001 he joined the bloodline-inherited-legacy Aztec dance group of the Ernesto Ortiz Ramirez chief, of which many members including Julian are empirical investigators and lecturers of prehispanic and modern native culture and bearers of the cultural legacy of the Toltec-formed Nahua groups of central Mexico.

From 2003 to 2009 Julian lived in different places in the Mayan lands, in Chiapas, Guatemala, and the Yucatán Peninsula, where he had the opportunity to learn Maya cosmology directly from the wisdom bearers and from the experience of living as a native in those lands.

Julian strongly compliments field formation with intellectual research of historical archives, prehispanic codex and books related to different native cosmologies.

Since 2006 Julian gives eventual conferences and courses in different places in Mexico, Bolivia and Chile; he develops high social-impact projects for native communities in Bolivia and is in the process of legally instituting a research and educational organization of native wisdom. Visit Julian Katari’s profile page.


Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to offer the necessary tools and knowledge to make the participants Maya cosmologists and day-keepers. In the first part of the course, participants will be given a complete formation about Mayan culture. They will learn about geography of the Maya land, ethnography and history of ancient and modern Maya nations, the development of the 32 Mayan languages alive today, about their different calendar systems «one of the greatest modern myths is that there is only one Mayan calendar » their mathematics, writing and art.

The second part of the course will focus in Maya cosmology, which is the core cultural knowledge that brings a scientific understanding of the structure of the universe; wisdom that brings answers to what occidental philosophy thinks are unanswered questions like: -who are we? -where do we come from? and -what are we here to do?

The later part of the course will emphasize in modern indigenous cosmological wisdom use and practice, also called Mayan priesthood. Participants will be given the tools and knowledge so they can practice most of the activities of modern day indigenous Mayan priests, which include divination, calendar day keeping, psychological interpretation of people according to their Mayan signs and understanding the principles to carry out Mayan ceremonies.

Important clarification

It is very important to mention that the cosmology and calendars taught in this course are the authentic native versions used by many indigenous nations and priests today. There are other different and non-authentic versions of the Mayan sacred calendar like the one created by José Arguelles known as “dreamspell”. This later one has been given more coverage and therefore is more known and widespread, but is one of the many examples of the indiscriminate usurpation and modification of native wisdom done with the sole purpose of personal benefit.


I. Historical and Ethnographical bases

1.1 Geography of the Maya Region
1.2 Historical evolution of the Mayan Nations
1.3 Ethnography of Mayan Nations and Languages

II. Bases of Mayology

2.1 Writing and iconography
2.2 Vigesimal numeration system
2.3 Civil calendars

III. Mayan Cosmology

3.1 Philosophical and cosmological principles
3.2 Creation of the universe and Maya pantheon
3.3 The four elements and principles

IV. The Chol Qui’j Sacred Calendar

4.1 The thirteen energies and dimensions
4.2 The zodiac calendar
4.3 The nine underworlds, lords of the night
4.4 The twenty suns

V. Maya Priesthood

5.1 Cosmological interpretation of individuals
5.2 Making and following calendars
5.3 Divination techniques
5.4 Principles of Mayan ceremonies

Graduation Ceremony
(4 hours)


This course is designed to be imparted in a total of 40 hours, and can be adjusted and arranged according to the availability of the institution where the course is imparted and the convenience of the potential students.


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