Maya Cosmology Course

The complete course to indigenous Maya cosmology, spirituality and calendar day-keeping.

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With this course you will learn to:

  • Become a Maya calendar daykeeper, understand the energies of the day and the processes of sacred time.
  • Learn to craft different Maya charts, calendars, follow them and understand them.
  • Understand complex love affinities and help people find a spiritual love match.
  • Have a thorough understanding of Indigenous Maya spirituality, wisdom and philosophy.

  • Learn extensive historical background of the Mayas.
  • Begin a process of energetic and shamanic transformation through the mind and understanding of the universe

course description

This very complete 30 hour course will teach you all about the Maya people of the past and today: their philosophy, their cosmology and will provide you with many tools to help you understand and use the Sacred Tzolkin or Chol Qu’ij calendar, which is not a civil calendar but a coding that deciphers a complete cosmological system that gives meaning to the weaving of the psyche as it travels through time.

The Chol Qu’ij sacred calendar is a code that first describes the whole of the universe like no other system attempts to, with a mathematical interpretation of the whole cosmos. Then, it can be used as a means to read and profoundly understand the psychological behaviour of people and their passage through this lifetime. Of all the many other very useful tools out there, it’s the best I have ever used to fully understand ourselves, others, the composition of this reality and our destiny within it. This code does not replace other systems like astrology, Chinese astrology, or kabbalah, it can work along side them and give you an even better image of a person as it is based on a different cycle unknown to other cultures.

The course will teach you how to read, write and use the sacred Chol Qu’ij calendar as well as all of the other Maya calendars and apply them into your every day lives. With it you will be able to guide people by reading their Nawal Qu’ij sign and knowing the nature of their psyche and their destiny. Like no other tool it will help understand love affinities, and how to best guide love relationships. You will also be taught how to become a Maya day-keeper or priest, you will be able to make different calendars, carry out ceremonies and become a bearer of the meaning of time.

It is very important to mention that this course is based on the authentic indigenous Maya count and wisdom, and not the Dreamspell Tzolkin of Jose Arguelles, which is a new-age distorted version of the Maya sacred calendar. This is the first course out there that teaches the authentic Maya indigenous wisdom based on the authentic count that has been used without interruption by thousands of indigenous Mayas in Guatemala for more than 5,000 years.

course content

I. Historical and Ethnographic background

1.1 Geography of the Maya Region
1.2 Historical evolution of the Mayan Nations
1.3 Ethnography of Mayan Nations and Languages

II. Bases of Mayology

2.1 Writing and iconography
2.2 Vigesimal numeration system
2.3 Civil calendars

III. Mayan Cosmology

3.1 Philosophical and cosmological principles
3.2 Creation of the universe and Mayan pantheon
3.3 The four elements and principles

IV. The Chol Qui’j Sacred Calendar

4.1 The thirteen energies, numbers or dimensions
4.2 The zodiac calendar
4.3 The nine underworlds, lords of the night
4.4 The twenty suns, twenty signs or twenty nawal qu’ij’ab

V. Maya Priesthood

5.1 Cosmological interpretation of individuals
5.2 Making and following calendars
5.3 Divination techniques
5.4 Principles of Mayan ceremonies

Latest reviews

I am just starting in the introduction. I can’t wait to get through the course.

Luis Osuna

This knowledge is so integral to my culture and practice and am so happy to go deeper. thank you

Claudia Lisette Estrada Niles

So happy to find this course. Highly recommend it to you.

MaKo B. Rivera Ph,D

incredibly fascinating! and sooo beautiful!

Ingrid Huffman

Yes, I am finding it very interesting indeed and packed full of information. I had already studied a brief Munay Ki course, and also studied some shamanism and priestess courses, the latter via the Fellowship of Isis. So this course is helping to fill out with lots more in depth information on Daykeeping. I look forward to seeing how it all goes and what I do with it afterwards. Thank you very much. A cultural blessing!

Heather Charnley

I took the course for the calendar, it was good information. Thank you!


This course is a great match for me, oddly it is drawing together things I have been interested in all my life, I have always been fascinated with cycles of time, behaviours etc. The Maya were a mystery to me, the pictures with the explanations of what is going on, the maps showing where people were and why is for me a great way to learn.

Claire Stewart

He is very knowledgeable.

Jared Aitken

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About Mayan Cosmology

Maya cosmology is the science that agglomerates the cosmological, astronomical, religious, scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge of the ancient and modern Mayas. Today, avant-garde theories and discoveries in quantum physics are more similar to Maya cosmology than to the orthodox science still taught in schools.

Many of the philosophical, scientific and cultural values of supposedly “modern” society are obsolete, and that’s why it is convenient to teach and try to implement in our lives and research the science of one of the most advanced civilizations: the Mayas.

Unfortunately, this vast knowledge goes unseen by most, where a monopolizing global culture purposely underrates ancient native wisdom in an attempt to keep alive a knowledge system that is outdated, incomplete and unsustainable. Product of historic colonization, native wisdom has few if none institutions that can grant it academic credibility, therefore allowing many myths to filter into the mainstream media and fake native wisdom to be taught openly, blurring the credibility and transcendent potential this wisdom could have if applied today.

About the lecturer

Julian Katari

Julian Katari began his spiritual journey at the age of 16 when he met a native Lakota who initiated him into the spiritual-magical wisdom and practice of Native Americans. Since then he began a forever training of native wisdom and arts and has since been visiting, living in and studying with different native indigenous nations and communities in Mexico, Guatemala and Bolivia.

In 2001 he joined the bloodline-inherited-legacy Mexica dance group of the Ernesto Ortiz Ramirez chief, of which many members including Julian are empirical investigators and lecturers of pre-hispanic and modern native culture and bearers of the cultural legacy of the Toltec-formed Nahua groups of central Mexico.

From 2003 to 2009 Julian lived in different places in the Mayan lands of Chiapas, Guatemala, and the Yucatán Peninsula, where he had the opportunity to learn Maya cosmology directly from the wisdom bearers and from the experience of living as a native in those lands. Julian strongly compliments field formation with thorough research of historical archives, codex and books related to different native peoples and cosmologies.

He has participated in different shamanic events and books, has given many conferences and courses and is part of different native organisations and environmental defence groups where he develops projects for native communities with high social impact. He is an important beacon of native wisdom and thought, an important bridge between cultures and languages and is in the process of instituting a research and educational organisation of native wisdom. Visit Julian Katari’s profile page.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to offer the necessary tools and knowledge to make the participants Maya cosmologists and day-keepers. In the first part of the course, participants will be given a complete formation about Mayan culture. They will learn about geography of the Maya land, ethnography and history of ancient and modern Maya nations, the development of the 32 Mayan languages alive today, about their different calendar systems, their mathematics, writing and art.

The second part of the course will focus in Maya cosmology, which is the core cultural knowledge that brings a scientific understanding of the structure of the universe; wisdom that brings answers to what occidental philosophy thinks are unanswered questions like: -who are we? -where do we come from? and -what are we here to do?

The later part of the course will emphasise in modern indigenous cosmological wisdom use and practice, also called Mayan priesthood. Participants will be given the tools and knowledge so they can practice most of the activities of modern day indigenous Mayan priests, which include divination, calendar day-keeping, psychological interpretation of people according to their Mayan signs and understanding the principles to carry out Mayan ceremonies.

Important clarification

It is very important to mention that the cosmology and calendars taught in this course are the authentic native versions used by many indigenous nations and priests today. There are other different and non-authentic versions of the Mayan sacred calendar like the one created by José Arguelles known as “dreamspell”. This later one has been given more coverage and therefore is more known and widespread, but is one of the many examples of the indiscriminate usurpation and modification of native wisdom done with the sole purpose of personal benefit.

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