Andean Cosmology Workshop Retreat In Lake Titicaca

Type: Workshop • Yachay Healing Retreat
Activities: Sampaya • Munayki Circles • Runa Meditations • Yachay Teachings • Inca Trail Hikes • Native Gourmet Experience
Ecosystems: Titicaca Lake
Culture: Titicaca Aymara
Duration: 4 days
Weather: High Altitude Cold and Sun • Rain
Options: Island of the Moon Ceremony • Samt’aña Extension
Guide: Julián Katari
Departs from:  La Paz
Download:  Journey Portfolio PDF • Journey Menu





First, we must honour the village where we will be staying in. It is one of the few places that remain on Lake Titicaca that hasn’t been polluted by red brick buildings and ugly hotels. A mountain stone village with an Inca fountain in the center and surrounded by ancient cultivation terraces, this place is the perfect ancestral setting for the native wisdom we are to learn about in the following days. Sampaya is derived from the Aymara word Samt’aña, which means “to rest”. The place invites to do so. We have organized a retreat in a way that rest and activities combine naturally to produce a healing and an invigorating effect, and we consider that the village was named that way for a good reason.

Munayki Circles

In order to receive wisdom teachings from the ancestors of Lake Titicaca, we must prepare our bodies to absorb that wisdom. We must connect as a group and with the earth. We must also connect with the essence of the “conscious love” of Munay. We will be learning to work as a community, share our feelings and be part of each other, growing away from the individualist nature that we more commonly experience. We will do our initiatory Munayki Circle upon arrival, atop a mountain summit surrounded by the lake.

Runa Meditations

In the Andean world, meditation is part of everyday life. Andean natives meditate when they work, and also they allow themselves to meditate and wonder about almost everything. Their natural life nestled inside powerful and ancient landscapes inspires the most awesome meditations. We will be joining them, and will be practising ancient meditation and perception enhancement techniques.

Yachay Teachings

Yachay is wisdom, or what we can call Cosmology. The Andean perception of how the universe works will be explained and meditated in the most beautiful settings you can have for these teachings, the Inca fountains in the center of Sampaya Village. Changing the way you perceive the universe and fellow living things, can be very healing, that’s why we also call this Yachay Healing.

Inca Trail Hikes

Some of the most magical places are accessed by walking along the millenary stone roads that criss-cross the Islands and peninsulas of Titicaca Lake. By walking them we will connect with the land, the people and the ancient wisdom that is written in every rock. We will learn about ancient technologies and maybe find some interesting fossils that lie around the path.

Native Gourmet Experience

We believe food is the most important medicine. This trip is designed to offer you an integral culinary experience, a journey to the refined tastes of the Andes. Our chef has prepared a menu called Bolivian Ancestral Fusion Cuisine. Accounting for taste, health, balance & energy, we have prepared this complete nourishment program that besides the main meals includes nuts, dried fruits, good chocolates, home-made jams, yoghurt, fruit juice refreshments and sweet deserts.

Island of the Moon Ritual

If the time is right, you may choose this option that adds 1 day to the retreat. The island of the moon is visited by many tourists coming from Copacabana every day, but is an important power place that lies just in front of Sampaya. The crossing of the lake to the island on the boats owned by the community is a private and beautiful, almost-necessary experience. Being on the lake makes you want to get in it, and a boat is the answer. According to the moon, we may do a lunar-feminine ritual; this is the place to do it.

Samt’aña Extension

If you wish to stay and rest more days after the workshop in this beautiful place, you may do so, it’s a good place to be and we recommend it. Please tell us in advance so that we may take the food necessary and book the Lodge in advance for you.


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native journey foodThis journey offers three complete meals every day. There are everyday refreshments, desserts, juices, snacks & chocolates. You may ask for a vegetarian version of the Bolivian Ancestral Fusion Cuisine menu. We buy the best ingredients at the local markets, many of them organic. We keep in mind the need for balance, good digestion and plentiful nourishment to feed the high energy demand in this high energy, high altitude experience. Take a look at the Titicaca Retreat Menu»


lodging at sampaya lake titicacaTo get to the community owned tourism lodge, you have to walk through a labyrinth of terraced stone walkways bordered  by flowering trees. Once there, a stone gateway welcomes you to three beautiful stone cabins, each one with two very comfortable double beds, a private bathroom & a hot shower. Beautifully built inside & outside, this lodge is romantic & at the same time simple, and is surrounded by such an unrepeatable scenery & entourage that makes enjoying the lodge a remarkable experience in this journey.


Options and Costs

5 day Retreat with Moon Island Ceremony
Cost: $433
Includes: Shuttle Transportation • Intercultural Guide • Lodging • Complete Meals • Offerings & Rituals • Cosmology Workshop • Shuttle Boat
Does not Include: Entrance fees in Island of the Moon (may vary, take 100bs -$15-) • Tips
Group Size: Minimum 3 • Maximum 5

4 day Retreat
Cost: $389
Includes: Shuttle Transportation • Intercultural Guide • Lodging • Complete Meals • Offerings & Rituals • Cosmology Workshop
Does not Include: Tips
Group Size: Minimum 3 • Maximum 5

Additional Details

What to bring: Hat • Rain Jacket • Cold Gear • Sun Protection • Water Bottle • Hiking Shoes • Day Pack

Download Journey Portfolio on PDF»

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