Valley of Souls Ritual

Type: Day Tour • Healing Ritual • Offering
Activities: High Mountain Hike • Introduction to Inalmama, Coca Goddess • Search for Amethyst  Rocks  • Illa of the Rain Offering • Soul Lunch • Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Spirits of the Mountains
Ecosystems: High Andean Valley • Andean Puna
Culture: Andean
Hike: 12.6km – 7 miles • Vertical Climb: 880mts – 2.887ft
Duration: 8 hours  • Departure: 8am • Arrival: 4pm
Weather: High Altitude Cold and Sun • Rain • Possible Snow
Options: Journey Only With no Ritual • Shorter Hike and Duration (section 1 only  in the map) • Cableway (public) Transportation (more fun, cheaper) or Shuttle Car (less time and walking) 
Guide: Julián Katari
Depart from: Meeting Point in Downtown La Paz (flexible)
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The Hike

From the urban outskirts, we intern ourselves into a unique geological formation of alluvial sediments (ancient water beds) that have eroded into creeks and valleys of what is called today by the locals: the Valley of Souls. Crumbling towers of clay and rocks rising up to 300ft. above the valley, and the erosion galleries in between them, are the perfect nest for animals and spirits. Local Aymara Natives say there are places in this valley that no human has yet stepped on, therefore powerful spirits inhabit them.

It is a very good mountain day hike, that allows us to experience humid high altitude Andean ecosystems. You will learn about a few medicinal plants and possibly see some native fauna, that may include Llamas, Mountain Caracara, Viscacha, Condor and Hawks. At the end of the hike we arrive to the high Andean Puna, from where we can appreciate the most breathtaking views of the Cordillera Real -The Central Andean Peak System-.

Introduction to Inalmama

As we ask for permission to enter the sacred valley, you will be taught a sacred way to chew coca leaf and communicate through it with the Inalmama essence, mother earth, and your fellow humans. A simple and powerful way to enter a different vibrational state that will allow you to experience better the rest of the journey.

Search for Amethyst Rocks

The flowing river swifts through the valley and erodes the towering sediments at an extremely high pace. Many different types of beautiful coloured rocks can be found, the most special of all, Amethyst Crystals. Not your best perfect crystal samples, they are mixed with white quartz and have been beaten up by the river, but are great souvenirs and power amulets.

Illa of the Rain Offering

We will enter one of the narrow galleries in between the towering rocks, where a small Andean Idol is  offered coca so that he may facilitate abundant and stable rains.

Soul Lunch

At the birthplace of the river, we will stop to have a healthy, almost-organic lunch. Sharing with the earth and thanking her makes the food be full of soul.

Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Spirits of the Mountains

Type A: For a person that wishes to heal a specific ailment. Requires previous consultation.

Type B: Doing an offering even if there is no apparent ailment or negative situation to treat, is very recommended. The ceremony will allow you to connect to mother earth in a very special and intimate way, by you giving her your offering, your energy. This serves as a very tangible change of luck, that improves health and overall well-being,  and/or serves as a payment for negative actions that you may have experienced before. Andean rituals are beautiful and light-hearted. In this option no previous consultation is needed.

More information about this Ceremony»


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Options and Costs

Personal Offering: The offering is to treat a specific person. One or more companions may come
Cost: Shuttle car: $130 • Cableway: $110 • Companion: $40 per person
Includes: Transportation • Soul Lunch • Guide • Offering

Group Offering: The offering is done for each person in a group
Cost per person: 2-3 Pax: $85 • 4-5 Pax: $75 • 6+ Pax: $65 • Public transportation option -$5 per person
Includes: Transportation • Soul Lunch • Guide • Offerings

Hike Only: To experience this beautiful place without rituals
Cost per person: 2-3 Pax: $75  • 4-5 Pax: $65 • 6+ Pax: $60 • Public transportation option -$5 per person
Includes: Transportation • Soul Lunch • Guide

Additional Journey Details

What to bring: Hat • Rain jacket • Cold gear • Sun protection • Water bottle • Hiking shoes
Soul Lunch: Healthy unprocessed, unpackaged food items • Hearty and complete • Vegetarian options available
Departure Point: For shuttle car option, we can pick you up at your hotel • For public transport option, meeting point is at Plaza España 8:00am

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